Friday, June 08, 2012

Stuff my roommates and I say 1

A list of interesting things that my roommates say to me and I say back to them. I'm in italics

Start date: May 24, 2012

"Let's make Friday's dresses day!"

"What's going on?"

"How can you not believe in Love but still write it so well?"
"Because it's easy to pretend"

"So I saw your friend and he asked me for a mango, so I gave him a mango, but then he said he didn't actually want it, so I took the mango back."

"I feel like I should be saying 'I'll see you tomorrow' when she leaves in the morning since I won't see her until tomorrow..."

"There's no way we only used $26.42 worth of electricity this month..."

"It's sad because all the people in the scientific community are too busy to reproduce, so lots of the really awesome genes die out... this is why the world is populated by so many idiots."

"Please don't put that on your blog."

"You're like a flimsy wisp of air that floats around and I'm the rock that refuses to budge."

End date: June 8, 2012