Saturday, October 27, 2012


I recently had an extremely inspiring English lecture for my science fiction course. In short, we marveled over the ability of science to be the language by which we see the wonder of our universe. I was quite moved because it was exactly what I always feel when I talk about some cutting edge science. Sometimes I am viewed as slightly ecstatic in my constant emotional swings about how great the world is, but I really do wish to share this feeling of awe that I have about life, the universe and everything.

It really dawned upon me when we first learned about chemical reactions that we know so much about how atoms and molecules work, but at the end of the day, the atoms and molecules don't think for themselves no matter how we try to personify them. We can calculate the equilibrium points and rates of reactions for various solutions, but when you get some lead nitrate and potassium idodide in solution, they just REACT. Things just happen, sporadically, by chance, but on the macroscopic level we see not such randomness  but the overall trend. To even think about two atoms and the unlimited amount of environmental influences on them to react inside a solution... well we may never be able to fully consider EVERYTHING.

Perhaps size is the ultimate reason for the sublime nature of science, probably why I still sometimes spend hours starting at this:

Why I love the world:

  • We will never be able to full understand all of it
    • No matter how big we go, there's always something bigger
    • No matter how small we go, that had to also have been made up of something
    • We don't know if the past ends or the future ends or if there's something completely different
  • The thrill that already we know so much of it
    • We've mapped out the majority of our world now pretty well
  • It might all just be due to chance! Our entire existence might be due to chance!
    • Most people find this thought disturbing, but I think that it just makes life that much more unique
    • I mean consider the odds that allowed for you to be here right now
    • And the fact that you beat the odds! 
    • Statistically speaking life is a rarity
In the end, I marvel at the eons that caused everything amazing that exists today. Perhaps because it serves as a reminder that I'm insignificant in the broader world, but at the same time, the world would not exist without the masses of fellow insignificant dots like myself. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stuff my roommates and I say 2

Start date: Sept. 1, 2012

"Why am I so beautiful?"

"I tried to make sugar cookies but I didn't put in enough sugar so they turned into biscuits."

"You guys, I just bought three packs of toilet paper... there were three options and I couldn't decide which one to get so I just bought all three."

"Omgosh I can't stop eating Triscuits, I'm so stressed!"

"I love our fridge. You know, if you want to get into a relationship, you should get into one with our fridge."

"I need to stress drink... not alcohol though."

"You guys have to say more funny things for me to put on my blog."

*Silence* "... haha? Tee hee... HEE HEE!" <-- Was not me.

"What should I cook this veggie with?"
"Cook it with shredded beef or pork."
"... hm... No. I'll use a hot dog."

"I need to go get wine..."
"So go to LCBO"
"I don't have time"
"... but you do have time to play Pokemon?"
"... That's different, I need to catch them all."

"So there were three brands of pasta and I couldn't decide which brand to get... so I ended up getting all three."

*Talking about hot celebrities*
"Oh my gosh you guys: Zac Efron."
"... Please stop."

End date: Oct. 23, 2012

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Too Happy

Ever have one of those moments when you start laughing about something, and then it snowballs into you laughing at your own laughter? And then everything in the world is suddenly the most hilarious thing and you just can't stop finding the joys and happy within 2m of yourself?

Currently experiencing that.

Let me explain that I am perfectly rational still, hence you can't tell my complete nonsensical laughter in this post. (I'm actually doing something similar to: *type type* "LOL!!!" *type* *Giggle* *type type* "hehe... HAAHAHA")

I just sneezed. It was really funny.

This isn't the first time it's happened. I tend to have over-reactions to otherwise mild stimuli. Key examples are:

  • Crying uncontrollably in almost every movie during the smallest amount of sadness (Like at the very beginning of Finding Nemo when Marlin loses all he loves and holds dear except the one fated egg)
  • Laughing at the little things in life hysterically (See sneezing example above)
  • Crying non-stop when watching the Notebook- literally from near the beginning of the movie to the very end
  • Having crazy mood swings that often make no sense 
  • Experiencing "high off life" episodes
... Going to go ahead and self diagnose with Pseudobulbar affect.

Though in reality the chances that I have some central nervous system injury is unlikely. I prefer to think of my overly dramatic expressions of emotions simply as a result of my overly dramatic emotions. It's nice to feel a lot, I've always thought that at the end of the day, your feelings should be what drives you forward. Not to say that if you really hate someone you should go ahead and attack them. Just that if you hate them you shouldn't have to pretend not to for the sake of some social norm.

(For above example I strongly recommend maintaining pleasant interactions and getting back at them later when they've allowed you into their confidence and you have some nice info to use against them...)

I never believed in the superego. I just believed in trying to please society... to avoid being an utter shut-out. But hey, if I feel like laughing non-stop, I WILL.

Though by this point it's really pissing my roommates off and I'd really like to stop... but I can't.