Friday, May 04, 2012

Internet Withdraw

Symptoms of Internet Withdraw

  • Going to Starbucks and paying for expensive drinks so you don't feel bad for using the free wifi
  • Continuously checking phone for texts because you don't have access to IM
  • Cleaning things because there's really nothing else to do
  • Stare outside the window and wonder if anything interesting's happening in the virtual world
  • Constantly have a nagging feeling that you're about to get a really important email... which you won't be able to read until you go back to Starbucks
  • Do work- offline
  • Turn the computer's wifi on and off, hoping against hope that some magical connection will be made
  • Attempt every simple password to neighbouring wifi signals
  • Start planning out every detail of your day because you got bored of cleaning and staring out windows
  • Write offline blog entries and planning to publish them once you get to Starbucks... again
So I've just moved into the newest apartment. It's really quite lovely and empty at the moment, but hopefully that'll change soon. Currently am sitting in the Starbucks below the building because (in case you didn't realize already) we have no internet. We will not have internet until May 12th. This is a long time later. 

Currently looking into options for dividing off the den of the apartment (which I reside in). My parents have express their displeasure that though I did majority of the work to get the apartment, I somehow ended up with the den rather than a room. But in my mind I feel like it's because I'm the most flexible one out of everyone, and also the one who will voice my issues if I ever feel any. Maybe that's a bit egotistic of me... well yes, it is... I think we all have come to realize that by now. 

Looked up some room dividers: 

My plan at the time is to get a blank Shoji screen:

In my head I've been nursing the idea that we can paint it as a roomies project. 

People keep telling me to get some strange curtain contraption. The issue is that the open area of the den is very long so I don't know if the extendable curtain rods would be steady enough. Also the ceiling is bumpy so I can't nail any rods to that... Slightly out of ideas... except for the shoji screen of course. 

Now I should really do some readings before I head back. 


  1. Another common divider is shelving units. E.g. Ikea's Expedit shelves have insert doors and boxes which block out the windows, so that they serve as shelving units and a wall. They're very expensive, mind you, but it lends to the idea I'm pushing. Jordan's den, which is now being sublet out, has two wardrobes with a curtain extending between them; it uses the space for a wardrobe, and fights a bit of the curtain-rod hassle.

    It might be a good idea in general to consider making your divider out of some sort of furniture, so that you're doing double duty. Just a thought!

    1. Right now I have some book shelves doing the double duty. I did buy an ikea Desk with the expedit shelf attached, however if I remember correctly the shelves are not as tall as I would like them (they're shorter than the book shelves). Also I'm not sure it'll fit nicely... maybe with some tetris-thinking I can make it work out though.

  2. I was going to get that Expedit desk, but it was a little too deep for the space I had for it. If you got some more shelves, they also suggest having them in a landscape orientation: so you could stack them safely? I haven't seen your arrangement, so I cannot be of much help. But it is something to play with.

  3. Hahah I can relate to this.

    Can't wait to see your new place!