Friday, April 08, 2011

In hopes of a relaxing summer

So, reconsidering former decision to get a job this summer... not sure if that'd be the best idea. Apparently there's a new Sims game coming out.

A friend of mine has it and says it's amazing. We're both big Sims fans. 

But Sims isn't the only thing making me reconsider my previous wish for a job. I realized I also have a large book list. And I found that I do have enough funds for spending for the time being. But I suppose I can't rely on my parents forever... still... might as well as take advantage of being young while I still can.

Just took a break from this future planning to study some biology, a bit discouraged now. As I looked to my most beautiful notes, I was then confronted by two awful facts. A: I take horrid notes. B: There's too much to memorize. This is bad. From the looks of things so far I need a minimum of 80% to maintain my 4.0 in this course... most people would take this time to completely slack, but I don't want just an 85% in biology. This is biology, it's my course! I want a 90! Wait... redid calculation... only need a 91% to end with a 90% in the course... *hopes up! However getting 91% for biology isn't that easy, I probably forgot a few details from first half of lectures and I still have half the second half to go over in detail... So far I at least know I have half the course down solid. Time to get back to studying about the cytoskeleton... 


  1. Well, you can focus on your ROP then!

    Sex combs teeheheehee I'm so mature :P

  2. I think I shall... but still money... sims... books... sims...