Sunday, April 03, 2011

World is TOO small

Whenever I want to say something these days, there are many choices. I can A. Update my facebook status, B. Post on my tumblr, C. Update my MSN personal message, D. Say it on blogger, E. Send out a mass text.. the list goes on. And here I don't even have twitter!

It kinda makes me lose my sense of what's reality now. You can only tell who someone is in person right? But then there's that saying that people are truly themselves on the internet when no one judges.

And in reality it's true, we put on a mask when we're talking to people in person. In person there's always something that you can and can't do. On the internet, we don't have to be ourselves, it's like literature to be honest. As Frye said, we use our imaginations to escape the confinements of reality, and I would agree, only today it's so easy to find an outlet for our imaginations, and that outlet is the internet.

So does that mean it makes us more real? If you think about it, our imaginations are all different and that's what makes each of us who we are. But then the problem there is that there are things we can imagine that we would NEVER do in reality. That is the point of imagination after all. So what's more true to the real person?

I've more nature and than nurture in terms of what makes you who you are. Nurture, I feel simply represses your nature, so to me, I'd say people are more real on the internet, but just because that's the case doesn't mean they are to be expected to behave the same way in person.

Probably the best way to know someone's deeper wishes and traits would be by web-stalking. It's so easy to just type out what you truly mean without realizing it. So if I found one of my friends to be a mad psychopathic sadist on the internet, well, I'd just be weary in case there would ever be a situation in real life where the boundaries of reality suddenly weakened for a bit (ie. was intoxicated). But otherwise, there should be no troubles.

Now if you meet a someone who felt no boundaries of reality even in reality, then I'd be worried. It'd be like said person was in a constant state of imagination (or rather a constant state of being intoxicated). We all know how that scenario could play out.

All this being said, I've been thinking lately of getting a Second Life account. I feel like coding again and I enjoyed the boundlessness of possible programming ideas that LSL offers via Second Life. Still, probably would not be a good idea... and it'd be leveling up my inner geek too much. Thoughts remain though, perhaps if I find someone else who would be interested...

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