Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't Complain

I recently realized just how much people blog and post complaints in their lives. It's somewhat sympathetically entertaining. But then it can also be depressing, as if the world is so terrible that all we can do is see the negatives. Well isn't it time for some optimism? Shouldn't someone go against the natural wish to complain and see the good things about their lives?

So I thought I'd dedicate a post to how great my life is.

But then as I started thinking more about what to write about, I realized that if I actually do write about how great my life is, I'd be bragging. I mean I don't think many people care to hear about how wonderfully successful and awesome I am.

So, being positive, as great an idea as it seemed, is now looking like an act of complete egotistic arrogance. And while I can be both, often at the same time, I might as well as tone it down a bit.

Though I do admit that it's a bit saddening that I feel it would almost be 'wrong' of me to talk about how great my life is to other people. I'm sure many will (and have) respond(ed) with encouragement and congratulatory statements. So maybe I'm just thinking too hard about this. 

Yet there's a perfectly decent explanation to why I think so hard about this. It's part of my competitive nature, and the fact that I'm currently surrounded by others who have similar competitive edges. Some are doing better than me, some are not.

For the ones who're doing better, I would hate to be happily talking about my life only to hear a moment later that theirs is clearly much better. It's like talking about how proud you are of an 85 when someone else has a 90. Yes, I think in marks. I be nerd like that (refer to The Keener). 

For those who aren't doing so well, I would just feel like I'm rubbing my successes into their faces. It's like they thought there were happy with an 85 but I have a 90. I know, I used the same example twice. I'm lazy. 

When it comes down to it, I guess I'm under the assumption that everyone else thinks and feels the same way I do when it comes to this stuff. And while I'm sure that's not the cause, well we're all very much alike. Sometimes I wonder if the people who seem not to care actually don't care. I mean I know I've acted nonchalantly when receiving news I didn't like, it can't really be wrong of me to make the general assumption that this could be the case for many others as well right? After all, literature today's full of implications that the quiet ones feel the most; this idea must have some form of truth to it if so many people write like so. 

So I'm actually at a loss of what's right in this case, should I complain along side other people though I certainly have little to complain about? Or do I just sit and listen like I've always done and be at a loss for words when asked how I felt? 

In the end this post doesn't clear anything up! But sure was fun to explore the topic. I think I should write about why I like questions more than answers some time later... 

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