Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Future... is decided(ish)

I'm really hoping that by typing this blog out really quickly without much pause will allow me to understand exactly what I really want to do for next year in terms of a POSt...

So the choices go:
  1. Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP)
  2. Immunology
  3. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Perhaps I also numbered them off in terms of which ones I like better.... or not.

For sure though I know LMP is first choice. I mean it's the one that had an entrance GPA of 3.86 last year... oh gosh this is so close to impossible... but somewhat possible... I don't mind being at the bottom of the class I suppose... and I do have the summer research that might help me get in... still... pretty tricky stuff.

And the worst part is apparently the Immunology specialist program may or may not be biased... I have 2 sources that are contradictory. One source, tells me that if Immunology is ranked as my second choice when I apply, they might automatically reject me. Other source says that it's ok if I rank it second... but I am still in fear...

Also, upon reading much more about the programs, I realized that immunology (obviously) is stronger on the study of the immune system, and I realized what I really cared about was the pathology of diseases! So obviously pathobiology would be the first choice. But since that's only a possibility, I looked more into molecular genetics and microbiology.

It seems like a fun subject, dealing with both viruses/bacteria AND with genetics. It's like my 2 favourite things combined! Practically of course, pathobiology's much better for future research opportunities, they cover some of the stipend for summer research. But I suppose I'm fearing for if I can get it or not and if I can do well or not. Mostly it's if I'll enjoy it or not.

However I have decided that I seem to want to do molecular genetics more than immunology. So that'll be number 2 choice for now.

~Some time later~

Ok, so I just applied in this order:

  1. LMP
  2. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
  3. Immunology
  4. Biochemistry
Biochem is the last resort, I'm not extremely interested in it but I figured it has a low entrance as far as type 3s go right? Regardless, if both LMP and molecular genetics rejects me (somewhat unlikely) I might just go into cell and systems biology. 

Now it's just going to be a bitter wait until July 4th to find out if I got accepted! And if not I figured I'll just ask the faculty and such, and if anything I figured I'll be able to score quite a few 4.0s in molecular genetics, so I might just decide to transfer into LMP if I decide I don't really like genetics. Though that's unlikely... regardless it's too early to say.

Meanwhile I study.

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