Sunday, April 24, 2011

I should have gone to York

I live in Vaughan. It is in the GTA. It is however far away from downtown. UOT is downtown. I go to UOT. I should have gone to York.

So I've been looking over my possibilities of getting to campus next year. 5 possible ideas so far and each one less appealing than the other 4. This paradox causes much dis-appeasement in my current life.

4 out of these 5 ideas involves the ttc... basically:

Rights, so one of the plans is of course to just drive all the way downtown from Vaughan. Obviously this plan is laughable due to the intensive parking fees downtown. So let us not even linger on this idea.

For the longest time the plan was to simply take the 105 bus to downsview station and then subway to campus. Simple, and lots of people commuting this year seem to be fine w/it (by fine I mean still somewhat alive). However having taken this route to go home on all occasions, I have decided it is totally a waste of my time. And time is very important for me right now.

So since the bus idea would not work, the next plan was the go-train. Basically I would go be dropped off at the go-train station each morning, take that to Union station, and then TTC back up to St. George station. However go-train is expensive, $4.63 per ride plus I'll have to get the TTC monthly pass on top of that since I'll need to be subwaying from Union. This means the pre-TTC cost is around $9 per day, significantly more than taking the 105 (~$6 per day). However they say this is the fastest route to campus, and the most comfortable. Yay.

So those are 3 plans so far, the next one is my currently preferred one. It involves getting a car. It also involves driving to Wilson station in the mornings and then TTCing. Wilson park fee is only $3 per day, this is by far the cheapest and most convenient plan. And if I carpool with a friend gas and parking can be split somewhat to make it even cheaper. The problem there is just the insurance. Right now with just my name added to insurance it's ~$100 a month, that's little over $3 a day. So in reality this plan costs over $6 a day for the pre-TTC cost. Oh... plus gas... darned gas... let's say we use 5L a day... that's around $11 or more a day (pre-TTC) for this idea... Still, very tempting... I mean... car... tempting....

Of course if all else fails, the last plan is an apartment. Looking around, and downtown apartments are either too sketch or too expensive. If I can find a roommate to pitch in for an apartment somewhere along the subway line thing would work too. If the rent can be maybe $400 per month (per person) max, that's around $13 a day. Slightly more expensive than the car, but for the car I'd have to first buy the car. Also being away from home allows me to be out past my 10PM curfew, always a plus side. This would allow me to take night classes and possibly have more social contact. Still, car is more tempting just for the freedom.

So in the end I have concluded that commuting is a pain. And depending on which POSt I enroll in, I'll decide my method of transportation for next year after that. Meanwhile it's off to research everything I can for all the ideas since I have nothing better to do!

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