Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random 20 Thoughts

Thought I'd just jot down some random thoughts I have randomly when I want to add a thought to a blog but am too lazy to make an entire entry dedicated to it... Think I'll do this randomly and just publish whenever I get 20 thoughts listed... Why 20? Because it's a normal number unlike those people trying to be special by using some "special" number with some "special" meaning. (Also because 20 is 2x10 and if you rotate the 'x' it becomes a + which becomes 2+10 which is 12 and that's 6x2 which is 3x2x2 or 3x2^2)

Start Date: April 12, 2011
End Date: April 28, 2011
  1. I was reading my textbook about molecules and ions moving through cell membranes. I occurred to me then that in order to pass the membrane all that really matters is the size and amount of charge.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if heaven was a place where you can inflict the same amount of pain to those who have wronged you until you two have no choice but to make up?
  3. How do subway drivers get to work?
  4. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with things... AHAHAHA! That was so not something I would say via the interwebs, just typing it made me laugh.
  5. I shouldn't have deleted tumblr, now I just stare at facebook rather than read pretty poetry
  6. I should disable my facebook... but... I... can't...
  7. Sending emails is fun. It makes me feel awesome and important and as though I'm doing something useful with my time.
  8. While reading about twin-paradox: Trying to imagine 2 twins born at the exact same time, a biological impossibility... oh wait, a physical relativity impossibility as well!
  9. I can't comb my hair because a bunch of it will get combed out.
  10. The Silmarillion has been sitting on my desk for some time now... I should get on that...
  11. Flashback: To those days when we would annoy each other by asking "why?" after every response. "Why?" is such a perfect question.
  12. Singapore: Sing-a-pore... hm... was actually hoping that would have more meaning... somehow it reminds me of the spongebob theme song though.
  13. Eating is a waste of time. We should all just live off of IV drips.
  14. Actually we should just add some chloroplasts to our skin cells...  I wonder if that'll actually work... 
  15. I may not be eating a lot, and I might be really tiny, but I swear I'm not anorexic. Proof is in my fridge. At the second rake. Where all the chocolate is.
  16. If we could see ultra-violet light.. what colour would it be?
  17. Great, so if a nuclear war breaks out, even northern Canada's not safe. Swiss is surrounded by possible targets of bombs so that's out of the question too. Perhaps by then global warming will make Antarctica habitable.
  18. I'm so amazing that I'm jealous.
  19. Trying to download Java stuffs when I exceed my hourly limit... Have to wait an hour... -.-... by then this spontaneous wish to learn Java will have disappeared. Fail.
  20. In 40min I will be playing Sims Medieval. Win.

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