Friday, April 01, 2011

It's not good to have lots of potential

So it seems to contrary to my beliefs, my father still has higher expectations than I do for myself. This is extremely depressing, I'd much rather him give up on me than continue with the hope that I'm somehow going to magically pull straight 4.0s out from nowhere.

The Story:

I went to a seminar about applying to the type 3 specialist POSt LMP. They say I should be in the safe range with a 3.7. Wonderful. Problem is that due to my idiotic and fail mistake on my last physics midterm (when I assumed a proton had a charge of +1 and forgot to convert to the fundamental charge), my 3.7 in physics may not exist anymore. Not so wonderful.

I was going to actually do a long winded rant but I decided that it would not be interweb appropriate.

I think the big problem with things right now is that both my parents know that I can do very well. I think I'm like a proton in a parallel plane capacitor. I have a certain potential due to my charge (which is not +1C) and so I have the ability to do work, which sucks since no one likes doing work. No. This is a bad example. It brings back terrible memories...

Actually I'm pretty sure I don't have as large a potential as many people think I do. To be perfectly honest I don't think I've got extreme intelligence at all. Never in my life have I done an assignment last minute, but then I suppose that means I never tested out my ability to do an assignment last minute. Oh wait, there was that chem lab!

Yes the chem lab... electrochemistry due the day after the experiment. On the same day as high table... That was not fun. And I know my lab report was not nearly as great as it could have been, but hey, I had no time to add the awesome touches.

I don't even know what I wanted to write about now since it's the day after I started writing this.. so I'll just publish it.

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