Monday, March 28, 2011

Exam Kitten

So I have to say, I love Notewagon. They are wonderful. Mostly because they send me very interesting updates to their site. Not the usual boring ones, but actually pretty entertaining ones. See early this morning, I checked my inbox, I had a new email from "Hi (" with the subject line "'Friday, Friday, Studying on Friday". The amusement start immediately, and continued upon opening the email, revealing this:


The adorableness!

And yes, I now realize that it's time to start the cram session. This kitty has served its purpose in reminding me of my awaiting textbooks. So plans set down:
  1. Create giant biology study guide/sheet
  2. Create a giant math study sheet with all important equations and such
  3. Use unit analysis on everything we've learned in Physics
  4. Generally review some chemistry; not sure if I want to make a study sheet for this too
  5. Find some time in the midst of all this to write my history essay
Also discovered that my one possible good physics marks hope went down the drain. This means I'll have to score at least a 90 on the exam to maintain my average. ... so be it. I'm considering deactivating my facebook to make sure the only things to distract me will be blogging and msn. Will consider this idea more once the cram session fully kicks in.

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