Sunday, March 27, 2011

Electron flow allows me to do my chemistry

I sometimes feel like my reliance on technology will be my ultimate doom... after spending a night on Wolfram|Alpha plotting different graphs to check my chemistry lab...

Also, google and wiki were used many times to check laws, theories and equations for further explanations than the textbook. Is it bad that the internet teaches me more than a textbook sometimes? Seriously, my entire lab consists of technology! From the research (on wiki) to the error checking (on google) to the graphs (on excel)!

I then proceeded to do my actual calculations... WITH A CALCULATOR!

It's really amazing how much some simple complex arrangements of electron flow can allow for such wonderful tools that can do simple math that even I cannot do. We've come a long way from the first galvanic cell, speaking of which happens to be my insane-monstrous lab on Tuesday!

Aside from the fact that I have never covered electro-chemistry before (hence the insane wiki and google sprees), the formal lab write up is due the day after the lab. Normally I get a week to keen, but only 1 night and half a day? Not to mention I have a dinner to attend Tuesday night that I simply refuse to back out of. Looks like I'll be up a tad bit later than predicted.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish everything for the prelab before heading back to the dorm, then I'll spend the rest of the night writing up the introduction and non-result based parts of the formal report. All shall be good.

This lab is actually pretty interesting, comparing different voltages of galvanic cells may seem like a bore, but I just realized that electrons flow so willingly from one place to another!

My only confusion here is over the fact that throughout all of chemistry, we've been taught that reactions only occur when 2 substances are close together. After all, I don't see random electrons bouncing off of just any metal... or do they?

I would have had more time to do this lab if not for Earth hour last night. At first I tried to work in the candle light..

(totally serious here, did not get that photo from google, that's actually my lab book...)

It worked for a small while, but then the candle on the right kept flickering and I got annoyed. So I proceeded to fold paper. That didn't last too long since origami requires a good amount of light and attention, which I was unable to achieve with mere candles. Still, with the help of a lovely basket of pretty pebbles I have, I managed to make a somewhat appealing display that I plan on adding to in the future.

It would seem that many of the stars got lost to the pebbles... oh well! 

So finally when earth hour ended, I was ready to sit down and do my chemistry... however by then my parents had already gone to sleep since my father was ill, meaning I was not able to type since my typing is loud.

With no other choice, I moved my chemistry stuff over to my room and did the pre-lab on my bed instead of reading a book to sleep. I then realized how important electricity was to my survival, and so I grew extremely fond of this electro-chemistry lab. 

Electrons are exciting. 

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