Saturday, March 12, 2011

School Subjects as Friends

Peer pressured to do this… twisted it to make it my own story. The original idea was to write about the school subjects as if they were your friends. So here goes something.

Back in Kindergarten, I met Math, she terrified me. I was forced for days and nights to be stuck with her. She was not interesting. She was a whole massive bunch of repetition after repetition. At the same time I was introduced to English, who was also full of repetitions… in fact in Kindergarten everyone seemed to lack flare. Everyone except for Art. Art was bright and kind, and you always knew how to make her happy. My parents would always encourage me to play new games with Art, even though I didn't like them telling me what to do. It was also through art that I met Music, but I never saw music much and though I really wanted to be friends with her I was already so busy with everyone else!

Then I entered grade school. Math was as dull as she always was, but it seemed no one else really liked her, and since I already understood her so well I somewhat pitied those who couldn't. Math and I became closer friends. It was here too where I was forced to spend every waking moment of my life with English. It was annoying, and challenging for me refrain from pushing him away, but my parents demanded that I become fast friends with him, so I pretended to.

It was in grade school that I met Science, he was an interesting fellow, and I would always respect him. The things he said made perfect sense, and yet was not so simple as to be as boring as Math was.

Once again I met Music, and this time we became friends. My parents thought it was a good lasting friendship between us, especially since I didn't see Art a lot anymore. Even today, I still keep in contact with Music though Art and I have long since lost touch.

In grade four I met French, she reminded me of when I first met English, but since I had already met English I knew how to approach her, and so we became friends.

All these friends I kept with me as I moved again. Science remained my closest friend, math was still boring but we got along, English and I had a terrible disagreement in grade 4 and so we were sworn enemies. I sometimes kept in touch with Art, but it was never the same as it was before. French stayed with me, but we were never too close.

After some time I realized the existence of Gym and Health, they were always there I just never really noticed them. But now all the other kids in my class loved Gym, and he was very mean to me so I never liked him. Health was dating Gym at the time, but she was kind to me and we talked readily. We didn't really keep in contact much afterwards.

As time went on, Math learned quite a lot more and ceased to be boring. She and Science were also becoming very close. In fact in a few years they married and had four children; AlgebraPhysicsChemistry, and Biology.

Math died in childbirth, but the things she taught me I used to help Science raise their children for a bit. Soon after English and I got over our previous disagreements and I found that we had both changed a lot. I became closer to him and started developing an attraction. But on the day Science died, I felt obligated to look after his children rather than pursue what my emotions said.

Biology was always nice, simple to get along with easy to relate to. We shared good times with Chemistry. After a while Chemistry started to become very much like his mother, Math, and so I grew a bit bored with him.

Physics was always a fun one, a wonderful mix of both his parents. Practical and understandable like his mother, yet interesting and intriguing like his father. No matter how much time went, or how many arguments we had, I was always fond of Physics.

My favorite was always Algebra, and I was disappointed when she became such a rebel, going as far as to change her name to Calculus. She never seemed to grow out of her rebel stage, but she did get very close to Physics, and eventually I decided her new self wasn't so bad.

During all this time, English and I became even closer, and he introduced me to his friend Philosophy. It was an instant attraction. We talked about everything, thought about everything, even when I was talking to other people he was the only thing on my mind.

But soon came the time when I realized my obligations to Math and Science to look after their children was more important. I had stopped caring much about Calculus and we started having misunderstandings. And Chemistry and I continued with our falling out. I realized that Philosophy and I had to go our separate ways.

I soon cleared things up with Calculus, and Chemistry grew to be kinder to me as well. Physics really grew up and it's gotten harder to connect with him, but we still get along. Biology learned a lot, and we share a common fondness of life. She also reminds me of things Philosophy and I discussed.

I still keep in contact with Philosophy and English, although we're farther apart now. Our conversations always open me up to new things to talk to the family about.

I know next year Calculus and Physics will be leaving, they've become so close that they're almost inseparable now. I'm going to miss them, but I know we'll keep in touch. Chemistry and Biology decided to stay by me, they keep telling me about their friend Immunology whom I'm hoping to meet soon.

Life has been full of people who come and go, but I know I have friends and family to count on.

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