Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Keener

There used to be the geek, then the nerd, then the genuis, then the geek-nerd, then the geek-genuis then the nerd-genuis, then the nerd-geek-genius (not specifically in that order). Now though, there is perhaps one label to surpass all others: The Keener.

Before I continue, there is indeed (according to the interwebs) a difference between a nerd and a geek. Please see: for more details. 

Basic summary though:

Geek (GPA 3.0): 
  • Memorizes EVERYTHING no almost no apparent reason
  • Is a massive human encyclopedia
  • Is likely good with technology
  • Likely uses 'big' words
Nerd (GPA 3.7):
  • Really likes learning
  • Enjoys problem solving
  • Also good with technology
  • May or may not be slightly anti-social
  • Grades do not usually fall below a 90%
Genius (GPA 3.9-4.0):
  • Is capable of doing everything a nerd and geek can do
  • If the Genius is neither a Nerd nor a Geek, (s)he probably does not enjoy the intellectual pursuit 
Keener (GPA 4.0):
  • Tries extremely hard in school
  • Does assigned work before the halfway point between getting the assignment and the due date
  • Starts studying for a test at the beginning of the course
  • Has probably emailed a professor 
  • Has probably asked a professor a question face to face
  • Will horde all notes to save for review in the future
  • Takes good notes
  • Memorizes all formulas; even if a formula sheet is given on tests
  • Usually tends to have a limited social life (if not no social life at all)
  • Generally gets amazing marks 
  • A mark below a 90% may cause the Keener to undergo metamorphosis and become an Emo
  • You probably don't see a Keener much since they tend to do nothing but study, eat, sleep, and use the washroom. And breath. 
As you can see, Keeners are intense. 

Now you can mix up these labels as much as you want to assign a proper label to someone. Just put the label that matches said person the most at the beginning and add dashes in between labels. For example a nerd-keener-genius-geek probably really likes school, works hard at it, really likes learning and is very good at academics. I also find that geek-geniuses tend to be good peer tutors. 

Now most Nerds are also often Keeners since both are fond of school and learning. However Keeners do not have to like learning, and so a keener-genius (a frighteningly effective being) does not really like learning. They're probably just in school out of boredom or because their parents told them to so. 

You may also now be thinking that genius-nerds may be rare since Nerds enjoy learning while Geniuses don't really care too much. However if you will note that in the definition of a Genius, said being does not care for learning unless (s)he also has a Nerd/Geek trait.

Now if there is a genius-geek-nerd somewhere who can help me come up with a mathematical equation to find the average percentage mark received by any combination of these traits, that'd be really helpful. I'm afraid I'm not Geek or Genius enough to do so and I'm far too Keener to bother using my time to continue this already rather long blog blob. 

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