Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Microsoft != Terrible

If you don't like Microsoft, I understand, but for someone as lazy as me it works well enough for me too remain too lazy to switch or download anything else.

Today I discovered the wonders of OneNote, a part of Microsoft office that I did not know existed until a friend showed it to me. Out of a rare moment of activeness and general boredom, I decided to play around with it.

It is wonderful. 

So I went to my lectures today, and TOOK NOTES. Not that I didn't take notes before, but this time I took notes on my computer, and not in a Word document. The mere fact that Microsoft came up with something like this still makes me laugh. I mean really, it's a great idea, but no doubt there are millions like it . 

Note taking was always a bother, I have to bring multiple notebooks to class, or go through the hassle and tree-killing of printing off the lecture slides. Organization of notes would always be a problem, but I'm fairly organized so it wasn't that bad. 

Then there was the issue of my hazardous hand writing. I mean I can understand what I wrote, but other people can't, so no one ever wants to borrow my notes. Which can be a good thing as I may be reducing the possible plagiarism. 

Of course the real problem came in Chemistry, where much of the lecture slides would consist of images. There was the occasional want to be able to just write on the pdf that were provided for the class, but that would require torrenting buying the full version of adobe reader or something of that sort. In the end I was able to make do with paper notes and drawing the molecules by hand when I needed to.

But now I no longer have to suffer for the inconveniences of my refusal to get good note taking programs because I have found OneNote!

I can keep all my notes in one little window on my laptop, I can not only lend my notes to people but I can sell them on Note Wagon, and more importantly, I can take screen-shot clippings from pdfs for chemistry! Hell I can screen-shot ANYTHING!

*Epic Screen-shot mood*

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