Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stuff my roommates and I say 2

Start date: Sept. 1, 2012

"Why am I so beautiful?"

"I tried to make sugar cookies but I didn't put in enough sugar so they turned into biscuits."

"You guys, I just bought three packs of toilet paper... there were three options and I couldn't decide which one to get so I just bought all three."

"Omgosh I can't stop eating Triscuits, I'm so stressed!"

"I love our fridge. You know, if you want to get into a relationship, you should get into one with our fridge."

"I need to stress drink... not alcohol though."

"You guys have to say more funny things for me to put on my blog."

*Silence* "... haha? Tee hee... HEE HEE!" <-- Was not me.

"What should I cook this veggie with?"
"Cook it with shredded beef or pork."
"... hm... No. I'll use a hot dog."

"I need to go get wine..."
"So go to LCBO"
"I don't have time"
"... but you do have time to play Pokemon?"
"... That's different, I need to catch them all."

"So there were three brands of pasta and I couldn't decide which brand to get... so I ended up getting all three."

*Talking about hot celebrities*
"Oh my gosh you guys: Zac Efron."
"... Please stop."

End date: Oct. 23, 2012

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