Sunday, August 14, 2011


After using google + for a while. I have come to a valid conclusion of how to describe it to people.

Imagine Facebook and Twitter had a baby. Then Google kidnapped it and made Youtube teach it some lessons. Skype was the surrogate mother.

And that's Google+

Thing was, Skype never wanted to have Google+, but was forced into carrying the child unwillingly. Realizing the potential dangers that Google will become with the plus sign made Skype finally submit to Microsoft.

Hearing of this, Facebook, who was still pissed at Google for stealing the child, decides to team up with Microsoft... sort of. Rather, Facebook decides to let Skype help out around the home, so really it's not like Microsoft and Facebook "teamed up" against Google, more like Facebook thought Skype was cool and wanted to hang out more.

All things aside though, here's a list of things I want Google to add to Google+. Whether they do it or not may sadden me.

  • Let me post on other people's profiles: facebook's wall idea was quite ingenious mostly for that
  • Let me share my Google Calendar with people in specific circles
  • Have a link to people's blogs that'll update on their profile so I don't have to use the blogger reading list to know when someone updated
  • Share documents via Google docs: Good for people who want to edit each others works or stuff like that
  • Allow separate news feeds for each circle since I care more about certain people's lives than others
  • Allow me to share a post with all my circles EXCEPT one (instead of having to click all the circles I have except one I can just choose "Exclude <circle name here>" or something)
Otherwise I'm curious as to what other new contraptions Google will come up with for their newest interweb spawn. 

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