Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why your diet won't work

My mind has just been dazzled by this video. It's one and a half hours of time but truly worth the effort and may possibly save your life.


  • Today High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in basically every processed food as a substitute for regular sugar since fructose is much sweeter
  • Sucrose (made up of 1 glucose and 1 fructose) is also found everywhere since it is also sweeter and cheaper than glucose
  • Fructose is evil
  • Fructose is metabolized ONLY in the liver through a pathway similar to alcohol
  • 30% of Fructose turns into fat whereas less than 1% of glucose turns into fat
  • Fructose turns off brain sensitivity to hormones involved in feelings of satiety after meals so you never feel full
  • Fructose can desensitize cells to insulin to cause Type II diabetes 
  • One pop drink or fruit juice is basically one serving of food; but you still don't feel full
The real issue here, I think, is the fact that we're quite addicted to sugar. I mean a day without cake for me is hardly a day worth living (I exaggerate only slightly). And after checking most of the foods in my apartment at the time I have discovered that BREAD has glucose-fructose! IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!

Though really I guess I shouldn't panic so much, it's not like I binge eat sugar.. oh wait maybe I do.

Luckily my regular diet (when parents are cooking) is relatively sugar free, and this video did explain why I've suddenly gained 5 pounds since entering university. No it's not freshmen-15, it's because ever since university came I've been eating while studying. And since I study a lot I eat a lot. And I eat candy and chocolate and other high-sugar (high-fructose) snacks.

But to cut sugar completely out of my diet is not going to work... will reducing be enough? It seems fruit juice is my major contributor to this sugar at home, so I suppose I'll just have tea instead now. Simple enough. The real issue lies in the fact that as I'm writing this blog I'm also eating Ferrero Rocher that my roommate gave me as a Christmas gift. I'm almost half way done. This can't be good for me.

But sadly my self-control is not good enough. I'll just run madly around my house and speed up my metabolism with hopes that the citrate will all get used up before it can leak out of the mitochondria to start the VLDL formation.

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