Thursday, December 22, 2011


In a moment of extreme happiness I'd like to say that I now have TWO (not, ONE, not THREE, but what's between) Android running devices!

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (Aka Neblet)
Neblet's been with me for a while. Proven to be a wonderful friend during lectures.
  • Light 
  • Easy to carry
  • Functions as tablet
  • Functions as netbook
  • Easy to take notes on (though I need to type a bit harder than a normal computer but I type hard anyways)
  • Android runs beautifully 
  • Touch screen is sensitive 
  • I CAN DRAW ON IT (wonderful for those lectures when I have to draw)
  • Angry birds. Free. 

The LG Optimus 2X (Aka <Currently Unnamed>)
I am now going to put my phone sim card into this device... it's not working very well since I'm having difficulty opening the darned thing... After much struggle I have managed to open the backing. I see a place for a microSD card! My gosh I really have to get myself one of those... Battery now in... according to the Fido guy this battery actually has no juice and I'll have to charge it up before being able to explore... oh well. Now to take the sim card out of my current Sony Ericsson. Done. That was easy. Oh no! I see potential problems putting sim card into LG... Oh my gosh I think I damaged the plastic on the top of the sim card... No matter. On-wards to the charging!

So as I'm charging the phone I'm also snooping around the box. IT COMES WITH EARPHONES THAT HAVE MICS! This is somewhat a punch to my inner guts because I actually went earphone shopping a while back (a few days ago) and was looking for earphones with mics but couldn't find one so I made do with a normal earphone. Then I proceeded to open the packaging madly, tearing apart the cardboard with no thought of what I would do if I ever wanted to return the thing. So... now I have extra earphones. 

CHARGED... ish... Why sim card not being read? Worried... sim card working in old phone... Oh I put it in backwards that's why... FAIL!

So I finally got it all in perfect working order. I've synced everything together. It's quite a nice feeling. Now I'm out of things to type about. So here's an unnecessary photo of my desk from a long time ago.

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