Monday, July 02, 2012

Farewell Sincerely

I've been coming up with new ways of ending letters recently. It started because I have several friends overseas for the summer, of whom I keep in contact with via emails. I'm actually going to start writing out letters and snail-mailing them over soon.

In any case, I never really liked ending my letters with 'Sincerely,'... mostly because it was used in the past to denote that it was truly from whoever it said it was from... but really anyone can lie about that. Luckily, today we use something a bit more casual when ending letters between friends. Usually, "Cheers," and "Best wishes", etc. Cheers is always nice, but I'm not always holding onto a cheery drink whenever I read my letters.

For a time I started using "Shine on!" and other motivating statements. But sometimes it's awkward to end a casual "this is how my week went" letter with something like that.

So I thought, what would be the best way to end off a letter with a cheerful and optimistic tone? And my conclusion, was food.

See, the thought of good food always makes me smile. And depending on the tone of my letter, an ending like, "Cheesecake and butterscotch" can either mean, "sugar and sweets and joy!" or "Help me I need comfort food." Also, depending on the type of food chosen, you can end off with a tea time feel (cookies, biscuits, etc) or a fancy flair feel (Lobster, Wines, etc) or a casual friendly feed (pizza, sushi, etc).

It also helps me search my brain for interesting things I'd like to make, and somehow ends up inspiring me; not necessarily to make food . It's more like, "I should make cheesecake sometime... but I don't have the ingredients... but I want make something sweet and cute... maybe I should get productive and do that... being productive always feels nice... maybe I should finish that application I should be doing. Ya, that doesn't require buying of ingredients but it'll make me feel productive, let's do it!"

And I realize not everyone's thought process works in that manner, but whenever I feel like doing something that requires a lot of work (like going to the store and buying ingredients, I need to find a less physically extraneous placeholder. So as long as I feel like being productive, I will produce, and being lazily inspired usually ends up making me produce things on the computer.

In actuality, I'm writing this blog after sending off an email.

Vanilla and Macarons,

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