Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well I'll be

It's really been quite a while now hasn't it?

Several things of interest to me have happened lately. Firstly:

Finally got my other screen in, making life more multitasking friendly. Game on one screen, work on another screen, and Neblet gets all my social interactions. Considering now not integrating my google talk with my gmail screen any more so that I have less distractions when Neblet isn't on. 

Another thing. The creation of my new semi-public calendar! It's not 100% public as I'd rather not have my calendar searchable on the webz, but I've invited a few people to share it and gave them permission to make changes to it. Generally, these people have access to all my other calendars; making it really easy for us to all connect. Hopefully this won't be just a failure of an idea and actually work out and make our lives easier. 

That's really all I needed to share. Back to disappearing from the Blogger world for a while.

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