Friday, April 12, 2013


Years ago, in a moment of anger before having to start studying for a test, I typed these letters into the Google. The first search result made me smile.

Years later, in yet another moment of anger before having to start studying for my finals, I again typed these letters into Google. I was reminded again of why there are just some great and unique people in the world.

If you haven't searched "asdfjkl;" on Google yet, this is the site I keep referring to:

I think it's cute. I considered writing little updates on my life every week to whoever would receive these messages. But considering I'm not so great at doing that on my own blog, you wouldn't be surprised to learn I didn't follow through with that plan.

But I always marvel that there exists people who try to extend out of the norm, and manage to do so in such an encouraging and simple manner. I find it adorable that there exists this website where I can type away to a real human person and know that it will be read but never replied to.

It's that same feeling of throwing a message in a bottle out into the waters at a beach, or carving an inspirational quote on a park bench, or even scribbling out your thoughts with permanent marker in washroom stalls.

This is all, of course, if you ignore the cruder messages regarding human genitalia and depressing world issues that people send out under cover of anonymity.

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