Sunday, May 08, 2011

Let no one doubt my culinary abilities

So today was mother's day. Instead of spending money buying things my mom probably will never use, I decided to make her something really useful. Like a cheesecake. It's useful because it fills the tummy with cheesy goodness. And because I've perfected my cheesecake technique over the years of practice creating less extraordinary cheesecakes.

But today I created perfection! Not really but it looked really pretty:

Actually it was so nice that I became slightly obsessed with it for a few minutes. Taking some more pictures of it's beauty.

Then I realized I forgot the icing sugar I bought earlier, so I added that:

It didn't really look anymore impressive than I already was. Still I took more pictures.

Then my father started looking at me strangely for taking so many photos of this cheesecake. Sure I realize it's not the most amazing cheesecake ever made, but for those who've had my cheesecake before, they'll know that I don't usually decorate my baked goods. I always find that a waste of time since well... it was going to get pretty ugly when it's all in your stomach anyways.

But it was mother's day today, and I had berries. So I figured why not give topping the cake a try. Best. Idea. Ever.

Funny though that the actual cheesecake tasted the same (actually not really; usually my cheesecakes are plain, I added some berries to the base of this one), only having the toppings there made it look much better. And it did add a nice addition to hint of berry in the actual cake. Funny how food can look so much more appetizing with just a few final touches. I shall keep this in mind when I am entertaining guests in the future and/or making more cheesecake.

Next task: Oreo cheesecake. A recent trip to a little cake/coffee house has somewhat inspired me. Figure it won't be as good as the one I ate, but good nonetheless.

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  1. If you make oreo, you will have no option but to let Jordan and I try it.