Monday, October 10, 2011

Key to Productivity?

I just deactivated my facebook.

Why you might ask? I think you know why, it's because of this:
Am I being paranoid? Probably. But that's not the only reason I deactivated. You see, I got facebook only 2 years ago and I have recently begun the pondering of why that is. In fact for most of high school I've refused all facebook invites with a strict belief that if peope really wanted to keep in contact with me, there are countless other ways of doing so. But now it seems few people are very fond of the idea of sending nice emails or a simple text. In fact, thinking about it nowadays, I don't often talk on the PHONE much either!

So I decided that I shall return to that former mentality and just start emailing people instead of posting on their wall. After all, that is the point of a wall post... in a way. Actually a wall post is a lot more public, it's basically screaming for people to see your conversation with a friend.

I would continue my rant on facebook, but really it's all common sense. Instead I shall list how productive I've been without it!

  • Biochem giant study sheet completed
  • Physio study sheet started
  • Bio study sheet started
  • Wrote this blog post
  • Finished anthro chapter
  • Checked Google+ every 10min instead of facebook
  • Found nothing really happens on G+ which forced me to be productive 
  • Cleaned out gmail (I'm trying to get my memory usage down to 1337MB)
Also I was so relaxed that I decided to take a nice hot bath. Sadly I got a slight case of heat stroke from being in the bath too long and forgetting that the water was extremely hot. Yes, this stuff does happen.


Reactivated it... with the intention of using it for networking purposes ONLY! Realized I needed to get this one person's email; but didn't have it... it's on their facebook. Darned publicity... 

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