Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things to do with paper stars

I was folding paper stars today out of boredom from studying. It's always a nice way to relax. At the present time I've got a nice box of stars.


Ok, so it's not that many stars, I just started ok?! Regardless, I realized it would probably be a good idea if I took the time to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with all these stars after I get a bigger buildup of them. 

Time to think.

Fill up a jar 
This works as a great gift idea, also a great decoration for the house. Sadly I've already got a jar that kinda just sits on my desk without a purpose. Also, the real jars made for holding these stars are actually rather expensive, and I'd feel terrible giving away stars in some random leftover container that happens to be see-through. But this is also the easiest go-to method to desposing of these stars. In all actuality I do make the majority of my stars with the intention of giving them away eventually, I just never find the time to get a nice jar for them. 

Use them as gift packaging
This is a new idea I've started recently. Since I have a whole bunch of stars anyways, why don't I use them to package gifts? Esspicially when giving away jewlery boxes and the like, add some stars to the box and it turns out pretty cute. At first sight the receipent thinks (s)he's been given a box of stars, but in reality the stars are just there to mask the true gift! How cute! 

String them up
I really would like to do this... but I have a feeling that it'll require precise work with a needle. Though I think it'd be pretty cool to have paper stars stringed up and tapped above my bed. Forget those childish glow-in-the-dark stick-on stars, I've got 3D dangling stars! 

Use them as weapons
Yes I do know about the paper ninja stars:

But that takes way too much time to fold, and you only get to throw it once. Whereas with puffed up paper stars, you can have a whole bunch to shoot off at people. Make one fast and chuck it away! 

Make Jewelry 
Either get the legit earring making stuff or just thread some up for a bracelet. It probably won't last very long but these stars are practically endless anyways. 

Write messages
So you might know that most star paper is blank on one side. It is therefore possible to write secret messages in it. I have done so before. Of course, no one knows because no one will bother opening every single star I attack them with. For all you know, I could have threw you a star in which I apologized for stealing that $20 from your wallet that one time you lost $20... but you'll never know. 

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