Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why am I awake right now?

The time is 9:10AM.

I woke half an hour ago.

There are no classes or anything I have to do today other than readings and for the past week I've been consistently sleeping at 11-1 and waking at 11-12. I slept at 1 again last night and now I'm really confused as to why I'm awake.

It was one of those strange wake ups, I was having a worrisome dream and suddenly I was aware of myself. I knew I could choose to go back to sleep or wake up. And for some odd reason I opened my eyes and suddenly realized I wouldn't be able to sleep again. I then got up and experienced the symptomatic headache of not having gotten enough sleep, but as I laid back down and closed my eyes, sleep refused to return.

It might be weird that the first thing I'm doing this morning is writing a post about how I woke up. And I kind of wish there was a purpose to all this... but alas it's probably just going to be one of those days.

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