Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is my favourite season

I love it when the flowers are blooming! I love the warm weather! I love the colours in the grass!

So I took some photos today this(these?) week(s?). Apologies for the blurry images, my camera phone wasn't the best.

I singled out a single flower
These flowers weren't so pretty cluttered together

Here're some flower beds:

This flower bed wasn't so nice when close up
But I thought they were better from afar
Obviously I'm not the greatest photographer, but there's something about seeing a bloom in the warm spring weather that cries out for a picture. Expect more of these types of posts... at least until the dense summer heat starts.


  1. Pretty! The tulips in the park look really nice too - they'll probably bloom soon!

    1. I've been taking photos of them as well, observing them as they get ready to bloom