Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gift Ideas in Chapters/Indigo

Generally when you think Chapters and Indigo, you think books and Starbucks. Well at least that what I always thought. But I made a wondrous discovery the other day, they have really neat gift ideas.

I've always wanted my clock to have a
"You're late" instead of a number

I would use this... but after a while I would need new
questions on the clock... white board clock above
better I would say

It's actually really fun to detach and

And all so pretty 

Window sill plants?

These are memo pads, beautiful and exquisite memo pads

I hear they're really difficult to play with

For all of you who travel a lot
There were also a whole bunch of other really nice things, I swear I saw some of the stuff that Think Geek sells. Specifically this.


  1. I got some of the prettiest desk-top weekly planners there recently. Great unbleached natural paper, unnumbered, and 50% off when I found them. I can be a bit of a nerd about books in general, so it was really nice to find. []

    They are getting a little think-geek-esque too; note specifically the retro-phone phone handset (a poorer quality replica of the thinkgeek original).

    1. Wow it's 50% off online too... so tempting... I love the design, I love all their designs! They're all so elegant!